Access Full Shamanic Power and Create Order Where There Is Chaos

A shaman is a spirit walker who walks between the worlds and is ready to play an active and dynamic role in the restoration of harmony and balance to all people, places and things. A shaman creates order where there is chaos.

When the shaman undertakes the sacred commitment to maintain the balance and order within themselves, they become capable of bringing balance and order to the world. By following their true path, the shamans of the world are able to guide and lead others out of the darkness and into the light.


From the ancient times, shamans have worked with plant intelligence to facilitate personal transformation and access deeper levels of power and wisdom.  In the modern world sacred ancient teacher plants from New Zealand have stepped forward to help shamans access the original four-fold expression of authentic shamanic power.

1. Shamanic Power – Personal Transformation

The first expression of shamanic power is associated with the personality. Working with shamanic teacher plant essences at this level enables the shaman to undergo profound personal transformation and acquire the necessary shamanic expertise for daily maintenance of their own personality. It also enables the shaman to develop the required understanding of the holistic healing capacities of each shamanic teacher plant so that they then are able to more effectively assist others on their healing journey.

2. Shamanic Power – Attaining Wisdom

The second expression of shamanic power is associated with the soul. The teacher plants that the shaman works with here are plants of a very high order that grow only in New Zealand and from ancient times have been associated with the deeper teachings of holistic healing and spiritual development. Because of their great wisdom, these shamanic teacher plants help the shaman to exponentially deepen their wisdom and spiritual insight. They help to facilitate more rapid soul growth and spiritual development that is not possible through any other practice. This enables the shaman to penetrate deeper into the great mysteries and attain exponentially higher levels of knowledge and wisdom.

3. Shamanic Power – Skill Acquisition

The third expression of shamanic power is associated with the spirit. Working with shamanic teacher plant essences provides a safe path of initiation. Each shamanic teacher plant essence represents a developmental stage that a person must pass through to acquire specific spiritual skills and disciplines. Each shamanic teacher plant supports a person to face and overcome the initiatory challenges that are milestones on the shaman’s path to oneness, self-mastery and enlightenment.

4. Shamanic Power – Planetary Transformation

The fourth expression of shamanic power is associated with planetary transformation, which has a transpersonal focus. This is the magical work that the modern-day shaman has an opportunity to participate in within the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© program. It enables the shaman to play an active, intelligent and purposeful role in planetary transformation.


If you want to step on the high road of the shaman, the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© online program offers you an opportunity to enter into the divine mysteries and become a living embodiment of true shamanic power – a power that comes from standing for a better world and walking the high road of the shaman, which is a road that leads to the stars.

On your shamanic journey, you will be working with powerful allies from nature in the form of the 24 highly esteemed shamanic teacher plants from the ancient forests of New Zealand – the land of the ever-shining light. They have stepped forward to meet and guide you on your path. They will be your wise elders, teachers and initiators.

Over the course of 24 months, these teacher plants will be assisting you to develop the soul skills, qualities and disciplines that enable you to not only transform yourself but also help restore order and harmony in the world.

You will be entering into a sacred and dynamic relationship with these powerful teacher plants for the duration of the program. You will be doing so by ingesting them in the form of flower essences. Flower essences are an ancient natural form of vibrational medicine.

Light in Extension

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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