New Zealand: The First Country to ‘See’ the Light – Your Gateway to Spiritual Enlightenment

New Life and the Appearance of Light

New Zealand holds a very special place on our planet from a physical perspective and also from a metaphysical.

New Zealand is the first country to see the light of a new day. This being due to its position with regard to the International Date Line. This imaginary line drawn over the surface of the Earth defines the beginning and the end of a day. The International Date Line is recognised globally as the means to establish the beginning of a new day. 

A new day is a metaphor for new life and the appearance of light.

As the Sun rises each day above the horizon, it brings light and light is the source of life.

All this has a deep spiritual significance and is of great importance to those who are serious about walking the path towards spiritual enlightenment.

Seeing the Invisible Forces Behind World Events

Our world is shaped by forces unseen. 

There is no such thing as an accident, and it is not an accident that New Zealand is the first country to greet the dawn of the new day and see the light of that new day.

Significant events such as the establishing of an international date line are invariably the result of the influence of what is referred to as the invisible world government or hand of the Great Spirit. These are just names for mighty intelligent spiritual influence and divine intelligence.


All important events that occur on the Earth are the result of the activities of this highly intelligent spiritualising power.

These events are also part of a bigger pattern or picture.

For example, it was no accident that the Treaty of Waitangi was signed under the influence of the zodiacal sign Aquarius. It was also no accident that New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote.

How Spirit Moves Its Hand in the Affairs of Humanity

The hand of spirit also works through people, or more correctly, selected people to bring about its objectives.

So inevitably some of spirit’s objectives are facilitated by what are referred to as ‘man-made decisions’.

How could it be otherwise?

Spirit cannot actually arrive in a boardroom, sit in the director’s chair and tell people what it wants. Obviously spirit has to work through people, or a person who has done the work on themselves necessary to be receptive to it and act on its promptings and directions.

For any serious spiritual seeker, it is an essential skill to be able to see beyond the limitations of the three-dimensional physical realm to see the true spiritual nature and interconnectedness of events and things.

This is the highly sophisticated skill or capacity in consciousness of seeing the bigger picture and understanding how spirit moves its hand in the affairs of humanity.

Breaking Out of the Limitations of the Rational Mind

In the House of the Bee Mystery School® that is as old as time, it has always been understood that to perceive the true reality and nature of things, which is a true spiritual reality, a person must move beyond the limited realms of the intellect or the rational mind.

The intellect or the rational mind is a personality-based aspect of the mind, also known as the lower mind or concrete mind. It is by necessity has a limited view and cannot perceive a bigger picture in that the bigger picture is at least a four-dimensional picture. The lower mind and the personality self are all about ‘ I agree, and I don’t agree’, ‘yes, but…’ and ‘I need a rational explanation please’.

A person who views the world through the lens of their rational or lower mind has a very limited and inevitably distorted view of the world and of themselves.

To begin to see the bigger picture of things, including that of our own life and our true divine nature and origin, we have to break out of living a three-dimensional life, a life dictated by the fluctuating and everchanging needs and desires of our body, emotions and mind. 

Making Contact with Our Soul

Remember the whole process of life and living is a mystery and we are all walking into the mystery.

Our soul is the gateway to the mystery and the fourth dimension.

It is the means for us to move beyond the limitations of physicality and begin to see the bigger picture that is at play in our own lives and in the world around us.

If we are soul-centred, the mystery begins to reveal itself to us.

If we are not, we will merely become lost and wander aimlessly in the mists and fog that shroud the great mystery. We will learn little or nothing of true value and we will make little or no spiritual progress. We will stay trapped in the suffocating constraints of physicality.

The path to true spiritual enlightenment begins with making contact and establishing a relationship with our soul.

The House of the Bee Mystery School® holds the ancient sacred teachings on soul and it provides proven spiritual pathways for establishing connection with soul and achieving true spiritual enlightenment.

These sacred mystery teachings are hundreds of thousands of years old. 

They have come down the river of time from the ancient Lemurian civilization to Atlantis and on to ancient Egypt. 

Since the time of the passing of the ancient Egyptian civilization, the teachings of the House of the Bee Mystery School® have been kept hidden.

At the dawn of the Aquarian Age, which is the age we have now entered into – a time when humanity’s need for these sacred teachings is paramount for its survival – they have been drawn forth out from the mists of time that have concealed them. 

This unveiling took place in New Zealand, the first country to see the light. 

The physical location of the House of the Bee Mystery School® is in New Zealand and it provides access to its teachings online to all people worldwide. 

Walk the Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

If you wish to embark on a remarkable enlightening journey with the House of the Bee Mystery School® and gain access to the ancient mystery teachings on soul then I invite you to enrol in the Medicine Woman Rites of the Six Moons© program

In this 28-week program and you will be working with the powers of light to undertake a powerful process of spiritual purification and rapid spiritual upgrade, walking the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Enrol in a program and begin your path to spiritual enlightenment


Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

Medicine Woman Rites of the Six Moons©

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