Are You a Lightworker? Step into Your Lightworker’s Role in a Time of Need


Lightworkers are the ‘Children of the Sun’, the water bearers of the world, the highly sensitive souls who have come in to the planet at this time to help dream a new world into being.

They are unique children of light, whose journey began aeons ago in the stars. These special people have heard the call from spirit to follow a spiritual pathway into the deepest mysteries of nature and on into the mysteries of light and life itself.


Embarking on the journey of the lightworker takes courage. In ancient times, the aspiring lightworker would begin their journey by undergoing a comprehensive holistic self-purification process. This process was designed to cleanse, purify and upgrade both their organism and consciousness so that they would be ready to receive higher levels of guidance and insight. It was designed to help a lightworker to build an ‘adamantine will’ which enabled them to follow their unique destiny.


In the 21st century, the same kind of energetic self-purification process can be done using high frequency stellar light. This process is facilitated by working with specialised families of New Zealand native master teacher plants. When taken using ancient protocols, they quite literally ‘flood’ your consciousness with high frequency light which then facilitates the process of rapid spiritual upgrade and energetic purification. This profoundly enhances your capacity for self-realisation and enables you to reconnect with your destiny and walk the path as a lightworker.


If you have heard the call of your spirit to follow your inner star and shine your light in the world, you are called to follow the ancient and legendary pathway of the lightworker. You can do this by undertaking the original ancient lustral self-purification and self-transformation process available exclusively through the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® – The Mystery School of the Goddess. It is the most sophisticated energetic cleansing and purification process of its kind in the world today. The focus of this 28-week program is to facilitate a quantum upgrading of the capacity to be a lightworker.

In this ‘spirit-uplifting’ program, you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation that will guide you to experience rapid and profound shifts in consciousness. As each stage of the journey is passed, your capacity to hold, link into and express ever-greater levels of light is increased and deepened. On this journey, you will bereuniting with powerful spiritual allies from nature by working with the remarkable intelligence of New Zealand native master teacher plants to ‘excite light into form’ and to anchor higher light frequencies into all aspects of your being. You will be doing this to exponentially raise your vibration and to energetically modify and upgrade your being on all levels – understanding that in doing so you are assisting the Earth.


Grant Hamblyn, Barista, Auckland, New Zealand

“My outer life has not changed so much. My inner life has changed in that I feel more peace and less turmoil and anguish. But the most important benefit in undertaking the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© program has been opening a door back to my soul. I have regained access to my true self.

I was not committed to living a life based on the fact that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I was still getting lost in my social conditioning and the goals it demanded of me. Now that I have access to my soul I can properly put my life into perspective and live a more spiritual life.

Before starting the program, I was concerned about cost and time commitment. However my wonderfully supportive and loving brother assisted me with regards to cost and I realised that I had plenty of time to commit to the program. I didn’t really know what it would be like but this program is very flexible and allows me my personal space and easily fits into my daily life. So my concerns were easily overcome.

I mostly used my phone to access the program in the Medicine Woman online school. My favourite things about this program were that it was very supportive without being over-bearing at all. It gave me a feeling of having my own private space to develop as well as having a sense of being supported in a very knowledgeable, wise and supportive way by people in the Medicine Woman online school who are very much aware of how sensitive we are deep inside, especially when we are trying to heal or find ourselves. The whole program was structured and yet gave me the freedom to do it however I liked with no pressure, just guidance.

Finally I’d like to add that I was for a long time perplexed when I first read about paradoxes such as the great void which is empty and yet full, or that we are all one and yet separate. This program has solved this riddle for me, by giving me a personal experience of this type of paradox. I have done this program and nothing has changed, and yet a most profound change in me has occurred. I can feel my soul again and yet I am still the same person. I believe the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© program is aligned with true reality and by doing the program, I now resonate with it, hence I feel and sense my soul again. I have gained access to a higher level of reality.”

The next Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© online program begins on the next New Moon. Find out more and enrol here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Light in Extension

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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