Become a Magical Warrior of Light, The Shamballa Warrior Magician


In the Aquarian Age, the age we live in, the magicians, sages and healers are called to return to co-create the world anew. Some will hear this call, and act on it, others will not. The souls who respond to the call to participate in the great restoration of Mother Earth and her people will blaze a fiery incandescent trail for those who will follow.


The souls who have heard the call of the divine self, are the Eighth Ray ritual magicians, the Shamballa warrior magicians who are the warriors of light. An Eighth Ray magician works with sacred ritual practices and the unconquerable magic of light, the magic of the Goddess, to bring the powers of heaven down to earth.


To step onto the pathway of the Eighth Ray ritual magician is to become one with your divine self. It is to reconnect with, and express through, your true magical self.


To be able to do the work of ‘drawing down’ the powers of the heavens a person must undertake and successfully pass through the required magical rites of passage and to develop the necessary magical disciplines and gnosis.

The objective for this is comprehensive undertaking to enable a person to walk the path of magical effectiveness which is the path of power, the path of the unconquerable magic of light to effect the will of the Divine and to ‘purpose good’. To do so is to work to change the fabric of the universe and in so doing you will cause divine grace to ‘rain down’ upon both yourself and the world at large.

Until now the specialised ritual disciplines and sacred rites used by the sages, wizards and magi have remained shrouded in secrecy. With the turning of the ages it is now possible to walk the ancient ritual pathway of power once again.

The magical pathway of power with the 12 magical rites of passage for working magically in the Aquarian Age has been made available in the Medicine Woman’s Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents© program available exclusively through the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®.

Walking this magical high road will enable you to know through personal experience what the occultist and poet W. B. Yeats meant when he wrote:

“For the winds that awakened the stars are blowing through my blood.”

To truly know what these words magically mean is a key to working ritually and magically with the mighty source wind, the current of pure magical power. A power the ancient Egyptians attributed to the god that is Heka.

May the mighty ‘source wind’ enfold you in its cosmic embrace, may it caress your spirit and nurture your soul as you travel deep into the great mystery of the Goddess and may the ‘eternal sparkle’, the scintillating light of magic, illuminate your path.

Medicine Woman Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents© online program begins every New Moon.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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