Did You Know You May Have Been Through a Shamanic Rite of Passage?


There are valuable personal and collective opportunities within the current global crisis that we can access and leverage to our advantage when we embrace the deeper metaphysical implications of what we are experiencing.

The stress and pressure of lockdown and isolation have created the perfect conditions to initiate life-changing, permanent shifts in perspective and consciousness, that can reshape our lives as we make our way back into a world that has also changed forever.

In shamanic traditions, the shaman took themselves through the ‘trial’ of death and rebirth as a necessary rite-of-passage to gain power over, and upgrade, the state of their consciousness. To initiate this rite-of-passage, the shaman would go into a state of self-isolation, removing themselves from the influence of their tribe and social group, often for protracted periods of time, at many times during the course of their lives.

During self-imposed isolation, the shaman faced the truth of who they were, taking the opportunity to know themselves outside of the influence of their community and the collective. At the conclusion of this rite of passage, they would reintegrate as a new person, often taking a new name. This is the archetypal rebirth – the person who left for self-isolation had metaphorically ‘died’, they no longer existed.

Put very simply, this rite-of-passage was undertaken by the shaman so they could die to the old self and their false ego, and be reborn with a new set of values that were more in alignment with their destiny to be of greater service and to bring more order to the world.

In our current global pandemic situation, billions of people have experienced the pressure of self-isolation. They too have been granted an opportunity to know themselves beyond the influence of their social routines and to discover who they really are. Many people have utilised this time as an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth, they too have been able to, in some greater or lesser measure, die to many of their own false ego identifications to make way for a new set of values to emerge.

The initiations and rites of passage of the shaman are archetypal and reflective of the initiations, and rites of passage, that humanity must also experience at crucial stages of its collective growth and evolution.

Global self-isolation can be seen as one of humanity’s death and rebirth rites-of-passage and initiations.

What this means is that it is up to each and every one of us to undergo our own death and rebirth rite-of-passage and initiation, as we are all constituent parts of the consciousness that makes up the human collective. Our efforts at this time have the opportunity to not only reshape our own lives, but the entire direction that humanity takes as a result of this crucial time in the worlds evolution.

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I look forward to seeing you there!

Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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