How Ancient Healers Avoided Healer Burnout

Healer burnout is a very real and very common issue for modern-day healers. Healer burnout refers to a healer, therapist or practitioner being unable to properly carry out their work helping others due to exhaustion, fatigue and a range of other problems affecting their energy, vitality and health.

It is often the result of the healer’s energy field becoming clogged and congested with accumulated energetic debris they have taken on from their clients and surrounding environments. Healer burnout can happen, and often does happen, even to those who think they do not take on other people’s ‘stuff’. Healer burnout is common among therapists, practitioners, coaches, healers, nurses and many others working in healing and helping roles.


This happens because people who are drawn to work in healing and helping roles are often innately empathic and energetically sensitive to the pain, suffering and challenges experienced by others.

This sensitivity is a beautiful gift that enhances the healer’s ability to assist others, however over time, it can be the very thing that causes them to become too tired or too unwell to continue serving those who need them.


In the old traditions, healers held a special status in the community and were very respected. They held this status because they possessed two things:

  • The actual skill/s required to help facilitate healing for others
  • The specific soul qualities and disciplines that enabled the healer to assist others without losing the integrity of their own energetic field

To do this a healer went through a series of specific initiations and rites of passage that gave them access to the necessary metaphysical power and wisdom teachings of the ancient healers. This sacred initiatory process was designed to exponentially enhance the healing capacity of the healer as well as make them much more resilient and immune from other people’s ‘stuff’.

Over the years, this vital knowledge and process has been lost or become obscured. Today, it is all too common for a modern-day healer to acquire multiple healing skills and modalities, yet continue to feel like ‘something is missing’.


In the 21st century, the sacred pathway of the ancient healer has been reinstated in the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®. The 12 sacred ancient initiations and rites of passage of the healer are now available to all those who hear the sacred call of the healer and wish to develop the necessary soul qualities and  disciplines of the healer to become a fully empowered healer.

This sacred pathway is overlit by the teacher plants known as whakahirahira plants, plants of a very high order that grow only in the pristine ancient forests of New Zealand.

These ancient teacher plants have stepped forward, in the form of the 12 First Light® healers essences to be your wise elders, teachers and initiators. They guard the portals of metaphysical power and create magical linkages to a hidden door that once opened can give you access to the deeper sources of ancient knowledge and wisdom that are vital to the 21st century healer.


The 12 healers teacher plant essences carry within them high vibrational frequencies of solar light. This solar light helps heal, transform and uplift a healer at the level of their soul and spirit so that they in turn can be of greater assistance to others.

By gaining this spiritual transformation a healer develops the vital skill of accessing deep levels of wisdom and power that enable them to facilitate profound healing for themselves and exponentially enhance their ability to assist others.

Next Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© online program begins on New Moon. This life-changing program can be undertaken from anywhere in the world.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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