Lightworker’s Essential Skills and Capacities


2021 is going to be an extraordinary year. It will be a year of remarkable opportunity and potential for souls whose calling is to heal themselves and to help others… humans, animals and the planet.

As the old spiritual truism says: many are called but few are chosen, this is a timely reminder that to become a warrior of light one requires to develop, enhance and master certain spiritual disciplines and to have a courage of heart.

The spiritual path is not a straight line, it is a multi-dimensional journey where we can work on multiple facets of our consciousness at the same time, always working to increase our spiritual skills and capacities.

For example, on the journey of the lightworker a spiritual aspirant develops the discipline and masters the skill of energetically purifying, cleansing and upgrading their own consciousness so that they can hold greater levels of light and anchor it into the world.

On this journey the lightworker unites with powerful spiritual allies from nature to ‘excite light into form’ and to anchor higher light frequencies into all aspects of their being. This helps the lightworker to build an adamantine will that enables them to follow their unique destiny. They understand that in doing so they are assisting the Earth.


In the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© self-purification and energetic upgrade online program you enter into sacred relationship with the wise and powerful master teacher plants, to:

    • Revivify the eight chakras to enable higher frequency energies of stellar light to flow into your being so you can move to higher levels of expression
    • Purify and cleanse the layers of the aura to develop enhanced interconnectedness with everything that exists
    • Upgrade your DNA to experience transcendence and move beyond the limitations of the physical world
    • Create, sustain and maintain sacred space to restore peace in your life and in the world
    • Develop 4 vital disciplines, powers and capacities that define the lightworker
    • Work with the lunar cycle to flow with the tides of power and maximise your spiritual transformation and growth
    • Become the sower of the seeds of light and restore the sacred relationship with life
    • Walk in balance so you can bring balance to others, nature and the planet


Through the ceremony of Activating the Lightworkers Talisman of Power, available through the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© program, you learn to develop the spiritual qualities and disciplines of the lightworker for the following objectives:

  • Working to serve the greater light
  • Dedicating or re-dedicating yourself to the powers of light
  • Opening to guidance from nature and spirit in service to light
  • Joining together in spirit with fellow light workers across the planet
  • Linking into the wisdom of the plant kingdom
  • Acknowledging and honouring the teacher plant elders
  • Formally stepping or re-stepping into the role of the lightworker
  • Committing yourself to the work of personal purification
  • Demonstrating the unconquerable power of light in your own life
  • Actively working to restore peace into your own life and the lives of others
  • Standing for peace
  • Working to create the crystalline body

From the fearful into the joyful

“The Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© program was a magical experience from day one. This program has transformed my relationship to life from the fearful & logical into the joyful & magical in only 6 months.”

Tamas Decsi Business Owner, New Zealand

Energetically upgraded

“Undertaking this program the second time has had phenomenal life changing benefits. My sensitivity has increased, and the master teacher plants have illuminated more ways to support and maintain higher levels of energetic integrity. I feel energetically upgraded and have paved the way to serve the greater good.”

Christina Earl Natural Health Practitioner, Artist and Musician, New Zealand

Opening a door back to my soul

“I feel more peace and less turmoil and anguish. But the most important benefit in undertaking the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© program has been opening a door back to my soul. I have regained access to my true self.”

Grant Hamblyn Barista, Auckland New Zealand

I manifested everything

“I manifested on the outside everything I experienced on the inside. A completely new relationship with my parents, and moving to a new house with a wonderful garden. The biggest change was that I felt as if I was worthy of living in ease and comfort, rather than staying stuck in survival mode.”

Kate Strong Intuitive Healer, New Zealand

My instinct said ‘yes’

“My consciousness shifted. My instinct said ‘yes’ to the program without even really finding out too much in advance. Prior to undertaking this program I was not in my body, I was not listening to myself, I was not taking the time to witness and move through things for myself. The program showed me this BIG time, I feel a lot more committed to myself and my beautiful heart. And I would repeat the Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© again.”

Susanne James Facilitator and Intuitive, New Zealand

Light in Extension, 

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®
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