Maintain Your Energetic Integrity and Increase Your Healing Power

Now more than ever the world needs healers and practitioners. The biggest challenge for the healer today, is to be able to powerfully assist others and maintain their own energetic integrity and holistic wellbeing, whilst they themselves, are surrounded by change and uncertainty.

In ancient traditions, the apprentice healer was taught that in order to be able to perpetuate their own holistic wellbeing and to connect with higher healing powers, they had to develop the soul quality, discipline and art of energetic integrity.

The apprentice healer learned that the discipline of energetic integrity involved holding or staying true to their own perfect divine energy pattern and being able to maintain this state for themselves in any type of situation and at will.


Energetic integrity is an all-pervading state. It is a state of consciousness that includes everything that we do, feel, think, emote or express in our inner and outer worlds. The quality and nature of any or all of these activities determines a person’s level of energetic integrity.

To be able to access and share the highest healing powers possible, the healer must learn to maintain the highest level of energetic integrity, which is essentially being in a spiritually aligned state of perfectly sound energetic wholeness or purity. The discipline of energetic integrity is the ability to maintain this aligned state at all times. It also inherently involves the ability to determine the difference between what can enhance and what can diminish one’s energetic integrity.


In ancient times, it was part of the healer’s training to learn to be discriminatingly and consciously selective as to what they energetically exposed themselves to and for how long they exposed themselves to it. The healer initially learned to restrict the amount of exposure to people, situations, objects or places that could lower, compromise, diminish or damage their energetic pattern or energetic integrity. They then learned to hold their own perfect divine energy pattern in challenging, difficult or less than ideal energetic situations.

An essential component of learning to maintain energetic integrity was the ability to recognise energy patterns and to register subtle shifts or movements at an energetic level. This enabled the healer to have ‘gnosis’ or true knowing about what was happening in their own energetic field at any time and ultimately in anyone or anything, anywhere at any level. The healer was then able to make conscious choices that would sustain and maintain their own wholeness and purity giving them access to higher healing power and realities.


The ancient healers also learned the art of energetic integrity by undertaking specialised healer’s rite of passage and initiations. These rites of passage were designed to help the healer to learn to perpetuate their own healthy energetic state and to stay in alignment with their own perfect divine energy pattern. This was a vital and necessary part of the life of the healer that gave them the power to heal themselves and to help others to heal.

For the first time in over 1500 years the original ancient rites of passage of the healer have been restored and made available to all those who wish to walk the ancient path of the healer. This sacred ancient pathway of the healer is the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healer Studies© program is available exclusively through the Medicine Woman Centre of Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® It is a spiritual pathway comprised of the original rites of passage and self-initiation of the healer. It is for those who have heard the sacred call of the healer. The call to heal themselves and to help others to heal.

Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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