Step Into Your Magical Self and Co-Create a New World


At this very important and pivotal time in history, the Goddess calls each one of us to co-create a new world with her. This call resonates within our hearts as a desire to ‘purpose good’ and to redefine our personal and collective values in order to restore order and peace in the world.

Many people feel this call as a deep yearning in their souls to do something meaningful that can create a positive change… but with so much uncertainty and chaos in the world, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do.

The souls who will respond to the call of the Goddess to participate in the great restoration of Mother Earth and her people will be forging a new world into being, a world built on love, inclusivity and universality.

These are souls who resonate at a particular frequency, the frequency of the eighth ray, which is the ray of the Goddess, the ray of relationship and co-creation.

These people are the eighth ray ritual magicians, the Shamballa warrior magicians who are the warriors of light working with the Goddess and the unconquerable magic of light to make positive and lasting change in the world.


Eighth Ray Magic® is a unique and complete revolutionary system of working with nature, the powers of the cosmos and the unconquerable magic of light to transform yourself, your life and to change the fabric of the universe.

It provides the tangible and practical means for working directly with the Goddess.

It opens the door into the fascinating magical world of the inner creatrix and invites us to step onto the pathway of divine feminine power that is true Goddess magic.

The Eighth Ray is the ray of the Goddess as creatrix, the Black Goddess known to the Ancient Egyptians as Isis-Sepdet. Black being the colour that is symbolically associated with night, that which is hidden, secret, occult and that which is connected to the heart of the cosmos, the great heart of all being and the mystery of creation.

Those who are working with the Eighth Ray are working magically and metaphysically with the powers of light to co-create a new way of living and being on the planet.


When the Goddess retreated from the world and our lives thousands of years ago and went into self-imposed exile, she took the magic with her. In the Aquarian Age, the Goddess has returned and she has brought the magic back with her. She has come back to show us how we can drink from the great well of creation, the well of all possibility and infinite potentiality so we can co-create a new world together with her.

By working with the Goddess and Eighth Ray Magic® we are able to break out of a fear-based separatist mindset and the closed loop of race, ethnicity and gender conditioning. 

We can work to co-create a world of inclusivity, universality and dynamic relatedness.

The souls who are drawn to work with the Goddess and her magic to bring healing to humanity and the planet, will find that working with Eighth Ray Magic® brings a sense of real purpose, profound fulfilment and true joy at a deep soul level.


To step onto the pathway of the Eighth Ray ritual magician is to become one with your divine self. It is to reconnect with, and express through, your true magical self. 

The means and the pathway for doing this have been made available through the Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Celestial Regents© program. This is a 16-month spiritually regenerative program that has within it the 12 magical planetary rites of passage of the Eighth Ray magician.

These spiritually uplifting and life transforming rites enhance your capacity to develop the necessary magical disciplines and gnosis that will enable you to do the work of ‘drawing down’ the powers of the heavens. The objective of which is to change the fabric of the universe as you walk the path of high magic which is the path of power and the path of the unconquerable magic of light. It is the magical path that aligns with the will of the Divine and is the means to ‘purpose good’.

To do so is to work to change the fabric of the universe in a very profound way and in so doing you will cause divine grace to ‘rain down’ upon both yourself and the world at large.

Light in Extension

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

P.S. I invite you to join our next intake of the Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Celestial Regents© program that starts on the New Moon. You can learn more and enrol here 

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