The 5 Superhuman Abilities that the Ancient Healers Had

‘Women’s intuition’ is a well-recognised mysterious power that enables her to ‘know’ what is going on even when there is no clear or physical evidence to back up her feelings. In popular culture we have the archetypal ‘offbeat’ detective, who operates on ‘hunches’ and always solves the case. This skill, which is a metaphysical intuitive sense is both feared and revered it is the means of the unknown becoming known and it works to reveal information that can change the course of events.


In the past, people who developed and mastered their metaphysical senses were in great demand as healers because they were seen to have superhuman abilities. They had access to the other worlds and planes of reality that normal people could not register or penetrate. They were able to use their insights to help and heal others by sensing, seeing or knowing the hidden patterns that created dis-ease, dismay or disorder. They were able to provide information to the person who was suffering that would help them heal.

The metaphysical senses are a communication portal to the spirit world and they are known as the ‘languages of spirit’. The act of becoming ‘spiritually multilingual’ becomes a secret power of the healer. They are able to bypass the concrete, rational mind and gain direct access to the messages from spirit.

This secret power actually arises from mastering the five metaphysical senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustos and clairknowing. These are the natural extension of the five basic physical senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. These metaphysical senses are a bridge into the unseen worlds of the subtle energies that exist around us at all times. Healers in the past underwent rigorous training and protracted rites of passage that granted them access to secret powers to be able to, at will, access and uncover the truths that few others could reveal.


Most people experience one or more of the metaphysical senses to some degree or another, but have little control or mastery over their expression. Without correct training and development, people are rarely able to awaken the full expression of these superhuman abilities. You can develop your five metaphysical senses to their full potential when you undergo the necessary training and fully and successfully pass through the rites of passage of the healer.

The development of clairsentience enables you to trust implicitly the sensations and energies felt in the physical body when engaged with another person. When highly developed, clairsentience is the means to accurately feel or register ‘the truth’ and to connect deeply with the soul of another person.

The development of clairvoyance enables you to see with the mind’s eye, the inner spiritual eye. The supersensory information received through visual insights and spontaneously occurring images or impressions brings insight into situations and provides answers to questions.

The gift of clairaudience is often referred to as ‘the voice that speaks within’. Development of this skill enables you to hear the ‘small still voice within’ which is also called ‘having knowledge and conversation with one’s holy guardian angel’. Learning to still the many voices in the mind enables you to gain insights and wisdom by clearly hearing the voice of spirit.

The supersensory gift of clairknowing or clairgnosis is, in its highest expression, a form of prophecy and is sometimes known as ‘prophetic supersensory intuition’. A key to working with clairknowing is registering and giving credence to first knowings or subtle impressions. The ability to do this requires the development of the crown chakra and pineal gland. Clairknowing is one of the gifts of the seer and seeress who are able to reveal what is unknown to others.

Clairgustus is the subtlest and hardest to develop of the supersensory gifts, as it is difficult to hone, control and direct. It is closely allied to the skill of clairsentience and overlaps and complements the other supersensory gifts. When developed, it can provide clarity as to the true nature of a person, place or thing.


Acquiring the soul capacity and skill to effectively use the 5 metaphysical senses to receive information directly from the source is one of the 12 ancient rites of passage of the healer. For the first time in over 1500 years this ancient pathway of the healer is fully open and can be now traversed with all its original rites of passage and initiatory consciousness enhancing features intact.

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Light in Extension, 

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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