Turning ‘Lead into Gold’ in the Midst of Pandemic – The Ancient Alchemical Secret of Self-Transformation


What many people in the world have experienced or are experiencing right now is being under pressure. This type of pressurised experience can be alchemically referred to as being in ‘an alembic’.

The ancient alchemist’s knew that an alembic was a pressurised hermetically sealed place or space where incredible transformation could happen, it was a place where ‘lead’ could be transformed into ‘gold’. 


Traditionally, an alchemical alembic is a vessel used in distillation, where matter is transformed from one state to another by heat and under pressure with solvents.  In ancient alchemical traditions an alembic was a symbolic reference to an alchemist’s own physical organism and consciousness, where he or she performed the work of self-transformation and transmutation.

Alchemists of old went to incredible lengths to metaphysically create the ideal conditions for transformation within themselves. These labours included strict confinement, constant heat and prolonged pressure, very similar ‘conditions’ that people are finding themselves experiencing in the global pandemic crisis.

The ancient alchemists understood very well that heat, confinement and pressure were the necessary conditions to be able to achieve their desired work of self-transformation and transmutation, alchemically and metaphorically referred to as turning ‘lead’ into ‘gold’. 

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Apply pressure for best results.’’?


As a metal, lead is known for its toxicity. It is a dirty metal to work with, it leaches its poisons into the environment and leaves behind a toxic slurry when it is processed.

Alchemically ‘lead’ in one sense refers to aspects of consciousness that are heavy, dull and unrefined. It relates to the way in which we are weighed down and burdened by our old and unproductive thoughts and attitudes that keep us trapped in old patterns and slow down our personal growth evolution. 

The alchemists of old were well aware that by applying pressure to their consciousness, the ‘lead’ could be transformed to ‘gold’. The alchemists called this undertaking ‘The Great Work’.

Alchemically the term ‘gold’ in part refers to an enlightened consciousness, an expanded spiritual awareness and a state of living in accordance with one’s spiritual nature. 

The Alchemist’s great work was always ‘an inside job’ in that the alchemist understood that they had to change the condition of their own consciousness in order to become a divine human. 

The ancient alchemists worked with the powers of Nature and the cosmos to bring about this desired transformation.



Right now, each and every one of us has an extraordinary opportunity to transform our own consciousness and to turn our personal ‘lead’ into ‘gold’.

The means and the sacred knowledge for doing this is available exclusively through the Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© – a 15 month formal online training program which is a proven pathway for working ritually, magically and alchemically in the 21st century. 



The Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© is an alchemically based and oriented spiritually regenerative program that is a fully experiential magical and alchemical pathway. 

The Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© program is the definitive teachings for working ritually in an eighth ray manner with the Emerald Tablet of Trismegistus. It is the means for you to effect powerful changes in your life and to facilitate self-transformation and self-actualisation. You will be embarking upon an alchemical journey that works with the stars, the zodiac, the planets and plants to reveal the secrets and penetrate the mysteries concealed in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

This is the archetypal hero’s journey totally recontextualised for the 21st century. It is the hero’s journey, that brings about the destruction of the false ego and leads you into the heart of the cosmos to discover the secret mysteries of the Goddess and experience the true nature of love. 

Light in Extension

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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