Your High Sensitivity Is Your Superpower – Use It!

Did you know that your high sensitivity is one of your superpowers?

Your gift of high sensitivity enables you to hear, see, sense and feel what exists in true reality, the reality beyond the three-dimensional world of physical senses.

With your supersensory superpower you can:

  • More easily navigate the challenges of the physical world with greater ease, grace and confidence because you can see what is real and what is not
  • Have more meaningful, empowering and compassionate relationships with others because you can connect with them on a much deeper level
  • Work with a team of amazing supporters in the invisible realm, who are guiding or supporting you every step of the way
  • Help and support other people in a more powerful way because you have access to higher spiritual wisdom and power beyond your own


However what I see out there is that for most people, their high sensitivity is not working for them.


At times, it feels like a burden, not a gift.

Highly sensitive people ask me how they can stop being sensitive to negativity around them and instead become more spiritually sensitive and develop their supersensory gifts.

When our sensitivity increases, we become sensitive to all energies, and we need to develop the ability to use our sensitivity at will when we need it. We also need to know how to close off energetically, and also put up an energetic shield, if necessary.

Instead, what I see quite often is sensitive people try to unconsciously numb their sensitivity with food, TV and other methods, simply because they do not consciously know that they can:

  1. be fully in charge of their supersensory gifts, and
  2. make their sensitivity work for them, instead of against them

I have also witnessed some people both consciously or unconsciously trying to avoid specific types of environments, situations or people as a means to manage their high sensitivity.

While this can be helpful at some level, it can also be very limiting and it does not foster an empowered relationship with our own supersensory powers.


The eight First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® orchid essences attune the individual chakras to help facilitate safe access to the new energetic frequencies coming into the planet at this time.

They increase the flow of spirit in the life by re-vivifying the individual chakras to their full cosmic function. They hold the sacred vibrations of cosmic consciousness and direct and control the Kundalini, the sacred serpent power to provide a safe accessible spiritual pathway to enlightenment.

They gently open the inner seals of the chakras to enable higher frequency energies in the form of spiritualising and purifying stellar light to flow into the being so the holistic being can move to higher levels of expression.


I was born with high levels of sensitivity to energies and I have always seen it as a wonderful gift and my superpower.

I could walk into a room and instantly know that there was an argument even when everyone appeared to be smiling. I could feel the energy clairsentiently in my body and clairvoyantly I could see the dark smoky energy produced from discord and dissention hanging in people’s auras. With my clairgustus I could ‘smell’ anger and frustration.

Different emotional states have different smells. Did you know that?

An experienced healer-shaman can use their supersensory power of clairgustus to track negative energies by their scent to their origin or source. This enables the healer-shaman to effectively clear stuck or problematic energies, to facilitate healing and restore order where there is chaos.


In the example above, due to my clairsentience, I could feel the energy of anger and frustration in my own body and it would be very easy to take these emotions or energies on and assume they were mine. If I allowed that to occur, I could then either express them or ‘carry them within me’.

I know many sensitive people that do both.

They express other people’s emotions, without realising it, thinking they are their own.

And they carry other people’s sadness, pain, grief, suffering, anger and much more.

I very well knew that if I did that, the energies of anger and frustration would ‘settle in my body’ and it would be only a matter of time until their destructive power would start to create havoc in my own life, and eventually would affect my own health and vitality.

Time and time again, I see this happening with many good natured, empathetic and caring people.

They just take ‘it all’ on and they carry ‘it’ around. Over time, their load becomes heavier and heavier, weighing them down and in many cases causing issues in their life.

Sometimes this ‘heavy load’ can also express as other types of sensitives, such as allergies or reactions to certain types of foods, sounds, pollution, pollen and more.


Your can learn to develop and master the five supersensory powers, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairknowing, and clairgustus in the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program.

In this program you can also learn how to:

  • move in and out of clairsentience at will and be fully in control of your supersensory abilities so that you can use them as a powerful tool for healing, for yourself and others.
  • put up an energetic shield, when you need it, so that you can maintain your powerful gift of high sensitivity but not get burned by other people’s ‘stuff’.
  • release and let go of energies that are weighing you down or no longer serve you
  • plus so much more

The next intake for the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program begins New Moon – learn more and enrol here.

I look forward to seeing you in the online classroom and supporting you along your journey of unlocking the full power of your supersensory gifts.

Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies©


Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© is a 1-year comprehensive dynamic formal healers apprenticeship with 12 original ancient rites of passage and self-initiations of the healer. You will be guided along a proven pathway. You will be stepped through each of the 12 rites of passage of the healer which are designed to help you develop the 12 soul skills, qualities and disciplines of the healer. These soul skills, qualities and disciplines will enable you to exponentially increase your capacity to help yourself, others and the planet.


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